Work Visas Testimonials

“Thank you for providing me the well deserved break this long week end finally [with L-1 extension approval] when I can try to catch up with my near lost breath.

I would like to thank [VisaPro team] who kept me on my toes. TEAM VISAPRO, Thank you very much for making the near impossible happen to reality. Was it not for VISAPRO’s meticulous approach this would have never happened.


I will continue to look forward towards your assistance and guidance in my further journey.”

Thanks and Regards,

“Working with VisaPro has been a great success for our organization. We had an urgent need for an E-3 Visa and VisaPro was able to help us get that with great speed. They are highly knowledgeable, very patient, and explain each step in detail and in a way that is easy to understand. I am a stickler for legal compliance and I found VisaPro to be such as well, acting always with integrity and honesty. I would highly recommend their services.”

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“About four years ago we decided to set up a subsidiary office in the United States, but really did not know the various rituals involved in going about it. Fortunately we found VisaPro-and since then it has been smooth sailing for a shipping and logistics company like us. We did not have to spend time thinking about the visa process and other formalities. The team at VisaPro did everything just so right, that not only did they process my L-1A Visa, our renewals, filing of L-1B Visa for our other employees, and not before long, here i am now with a Green Card.

I was told that i was one of the fastest to jump from L1A to a Green Card. What more can one expect – to shorten it and say it all——- Jai Ho Jai Ho………..Visa Pro”

“I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at VisaPro. Their knowledge, professionalism and overall pleasantness made my job much easier. They assisted me every step of the way in applying for an H-1B Visa, I could not imagine getting through this process without them. I would highly recommend VisaPro to anyone applying for a Visa. I would most definitely use VisaPro again”

Thank you VisaPro.

“When we were researching for companies that could assist our application for an    L-1A Visa we were recommended to contact VisaPro. This proved to be great advice.

VisaPro provided invaluable assistance throughout the process, and [VisaPro legal team] was particularly helpful. They supported the application through every step, helped us develop and collate the necessary documentation (and there were lots of documents!) and ensured our application was comprehensive.

A great service and we will certainly use them again.”


“I am a British TV director and producer. I needed an O1 visa to work in the US when required by the American production company who wished to employ me on a big Discovery Channel show.

The O-1 is a tough nut to crack and there is no denying it took hard work all round to get but, thanks to the patience, diligence and guidance given at every step by the team at Visapro , I am now legal and able to join my colleagues in the United States.”

A great service and we will certainly use them again.”


“Thank you so much. You and your staff have been truly outstanding to work with! I cannot imagine anyone trying to do this on their own without the help of a professional to guide them through the bureaucratic maze of the H2B process. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your entire staff.”

Kind Regards,

“The VisaPro team handled our L-1B Visa application professionally and promptly.

Detailed knowledge of the immigration process was evident and excellent guidance was provided at every step. Some unusual circumstances in our application were thoroughly analyzed and options for moving forward clearly explained.

For future US immigration services we will definitely consult with VisaPro.”

“VisaPro is the exact definition of a super-team. Their service remains extremely client oriented, user friendly and highly efficient. As professional recording artists we have worked with a range of leading immigration attorneys and without any doubt we place VisaPro at the top of the list. Applying for a US Visa is traditionally a long-hauled, tedious and nervous matter but with VisaPro you can rest assured that your aspirations to work, visit or live in the USA are handled with the utmost care and experience. Take your opportunity to work with the best…choose VISAPRO!!!

We also want to pass on special thanks and appreciation to [VisaPro team]; they truly bring to life the meaning of the company’s motto ‘Fast, Economical Visa Processing’. Thank you for your consistency in helping us achieve P1-Status [P-1 Visa]”

“The professional in VisaPro helped me for my TN Canada extension successfully

VisaPro checked my documents and helped me making them complete. All the documents were sent through email [online system]. It was easy and fast. VisaPro prepared my case accurately and quickly forwarded them to USCIS for further approval. In the few weeks of waiting time, I could completely concentrate to my work for my employer in US. Whenever I called or emailed to [VisaPro team], I could always get the latest update. If you prefer peace of mind and on-time services, VisaPro is definitely a good choice.”

Warm regards,

“I would like to personally thank the VisaPro team for helping our company obtain    [TN Mexico] visas for our employees outside the country. It’s extremely valuable for our company to get such professional service for such an affordable price. Through the process, VisaPro provided excellent support and was always available to answer our questions.

I unhesitatingly recommend VisaPro to anyone needing assistance with immigration needs.”

Warm regards,

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for all of your efforts regarding my new H-1B Visa.

I truly appreciate your thorough follow-up to the USCIS request for evidence. Your quick turnaround ensured that my visa was issued in a timely manner.”

Thank you once again!


“To be fair, we contacted Visapro very late to obtain a P1 Visa. Thanks to the efforts of the dedicated staff at Visapro, we had the Approval Notification in our hands within three and a half weeks!

We thank you Visapro for your efficiency and willingness to go that extra mile for us when we were up against it.”

Best wishes,

Hello [VisaPro legal team],

“I would like to thank all of you for working with us to get P-3 visas for 2 of my dancers. It was really wonderful to work with [VisaPro legal team] and I am very happy with the way you guided us through the entire process.

The dancers have arrived in the US and we have been having successful performances. Thanks to your hard work and persistence. If I need to apply for any visa ever again I will definitely use your excellent service. I have been recommending your company to my friends as well.”

Thanks again.


“My company tasked me with the job of acquiring an [L-1B Visa] with a strict deadline. Not knowing where to turn, I did some research on the web and found VisaPro. Very quickly I felt the relief of knowing that I found the right company to help me get the job done. They walked me through the process and answered all my questions. They were there every step of the way for me. The process happened exactly as they said it would! I know exactly who to turn to the next time I have immigration need.”

Thank you VisaPro!

Kind Regards,

“We are soo happy, you can’t imagine!!

It is so difficult to find someone you can rely on, trust with your dreams… and Visapro offered us that, people who really wanted to make it all work, who were willing to do their best in order to help us. And specially very patient people who answered all of our questions! I trust Visapro 100% and recommend it to anyone looking for reliable help when trying to get a visa. in our case it was an O-1 Visa, and it was just perfect!”

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

“I would like to thank you for your prompt support towards changing my and my family’s nonimigrant status [H-1B and H-4]. Just yesterday, we have received an approval notices from USCIS. I did everything as advised and it worked.

Three weeks ago, when I called the numbers that I found at most that I expected to get was an automated response system that would store my contacts and then perhaps a callback in a few days or weeks.

I was very surprised to get answered right away, by a real person, who was knowledgable to provide an efficient help and in the same time kind to give a hope in a bad situation as we were. Nowadays, this is very unusual and I was even more surprised when you did not ask for any money in return to your help. I greatly appreciate your kind help.”

“Visapro is the best immigration service you will everfind. i’ve been visiting their website for a few years for information on immigration and when the time came and i needed the service i contacted them right away to start my H-1B petition. they review the case and give you suggestions and my case was one of the most complicated scenarios and they still pulled it off.
I recommend you use them for all of your immigration issues for the piece of mind they provide you.”


Hello everybody,

“I hope that you guys had a great New Year !.

I wanted to inform you that I am in US know and doing great. I wanted to thank everybody involved in this [L-1 visa] case, specially [VisaPro legal team] and rest of the Visapro team. You did a wonderful job, all the documents were very well planned and we got the visa without any hassle. I appreciate your professional and responsive manner. Your service is excellent. I am sure we will be in contact again in the near future. However, I would like to recommend your outstanding services to my friends in other company too.”

Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Hello everybody,

“I hope that you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

I wanted to inform you that I went at the US consulate this morning and all went very well. They said the [L-1] visas for me and my family were accepted and I should get the passports back by the end of the week with the Visas on it.

I wanted to thank everybody involved in this case, specially Kathleen and the Visapro team. You did a wonderful job, all the documents arrived right on time, despite the Thanksgiving holiday.”

See you soon in the States,

Best regards,

“It’s a pleasure to provide our full recommendation of VisaPro. From day one we realized that we were being represented by a capable, caring, and extremely professional and experienced team. VisaPro realized that this was our first attempt to obtain H-2B working visas and they were always extremely prompt in answering our many questions. We are thrilled with the addition of our two Canadian summer employees and we will definitely return to VisaPro for our immigration needs in the future.”

Thank you again for all of your diligent work!

Best wishes,

“I got my H-3 Visa and I’m back in New York.

I want to thank you for being very professional thru’ out this long process.

I will definitely recommend visapro to others in the future.”

All the best,

“I would like to express our thanks to the Visapro team for guiding us through this complicated process and making it seem remarkably easy. [VisaPro legal team] was incredibly knowledgable and extremely helpful throughout the process. We were exceptionally impressed with how they have combined the great personal and communication skills they bring and also technology with a highly intuitive website which guides you and keeps you updated throughout the process. VIsapro were successful in getting approval for an H1b Visa for us and our beneficiary in a particularly difficult year with thousands more applications than visas being issued. We have used previous immigration lawyers in the past and the difference was dramatic with Visapro, they have an exceptional knowledge of the USCIS system and made for a smooth and successful process

This is a true testimonial, I would highly recommend Visapro to anyone looking for guidance and success in this area.”

Thank you and Regards,

“I want to thank [the legal team] at VisaPro who were involved, for the wonderful way you handled our R Visa case over the past week. You were all so patient and helpful coaching me to get my documents together. As a church member with no immigtration experience, I was trying to help our Hispanic pastor and his family stay legal. You even called me on Sunday afternoon to be sure I would get things to you in time. You knew you were dealing with a rank amateur on immmigration matters, and you all pitched in on my perceived problem. When I finally got the documents to you, you realized there wasn’t a crisis. At that point, although you could not have been blamed for shooting me on sight if I had walked through the door, you were most polite and efficient in shutting the case down, charging me only for a consultation.

You can be sure that, if ever again I am involved in an immigration matter, I will call VisaPro as my first step. Thanks again for your efficient and friendly help.”

Best regards,

Dear VisaPro team,

“I would like to thank all of you for helping get my H1B Visa when I started working 2 years ago and recently, my permanent residence status. My husband and I are simply thrilled at how economical and efficient your services have been and how smoothly the entire application and interview process was at the INS. We could not be happier and we certainly highly recommend your team to any potential client who is considering working and living in the USA.”


“When we contacted VisaPro we were in need of a very good visa agency who could process our first L1 for us in a very aggressive time frame. We contacted VisaPro and from that day I felt that I was in “safe hands”. The guidance we got from them was extremely helpful in preparing our case and their turnaround was perfect. The professionalism showed to us and the knowledge and guidance is something that I’m most impressed with.

We will continue to use VisaPro for all our future visa needs.”


“The immigration laws on foreign student status have become so complicated that even my school’s attorney could not give me concrete advice. But VisaPro professional team helped me to clarify my questions patiently and prepare the documents diligently. My H-1B Visa petition was approved promptly even in between busy Christmas and New Year holidays.”

“We are extremely pleased with the prompt, quick and courteous services of VisaPro in arranging our L1 Visa. The process was handled very efficiently by VisaPro [legal] professionals. VisaPro is cost effective and a company to get the job done without any follow-ups required.

We look forward to working with them for all our future visa processing needs.”

Best wishes,

“VisaPro recently processed L-1 visas for me and my family. I’m quite impressed with the knowledge, efficiency, speed, and professionalism of your service. VisaPro provides a more open and transparent service. At each step I was directed in such a manner that the entire process became easier for me. Each member who handled my case knew precisely the background. Even when I enquired any information over the telephone, I was provided with the required information very quickly. It was a cakewalk, to have processed L-1 visa through VisaPro.

Our company has expanding businesses in USA and we shall need your courteous and economical services in the future too. I will be sure to recommend your services to my colleagues when they need future visa services for USA.

Please convey my hearty thanks to all the team at VisaPro.”

Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

“Diligent, thorough, professional, persistent are a few words that come to my mind when I think of Visapro. Staff of Visapro neither slept nor let me sleep till they got all the required information to file the first [L-1] petition. From then on it’s a smooth ride…

The user friendly online system of Visapro provides ultimate convenience and is an excellent solution for managing, tracking and archiving cases. I no longer need to store information in bulky files.

I undoubtedly recommend Visapro for all those who are looking for help in US immigration, be it any kind of visa.”


“VisaPro is by far the most informative, convenient, efficient, and economical visa service that we have ever used. I strongly recommend VisaPro to any company that employs foreign workers.”

“I am thrilled at the level of service I received from VisaPro!

Their attention to detail, their quick responses to questions, and the personal attention they gave each one of our [H-1B] visa applicants was overwhelming.

VisaPro help take the confusion and frustration out of the visa application process. They explained each step and what was required. They helped us with documentation and made sure that it was consistent with our application. They took the time to make sure everything was right, yet was able to make the deadlines and time restrictions the INS imposed upon us.

I cannot say enough about the friendly staff and lawyers who never hesitated to be there for us. They basically held our hand through the whole process.

We had tried to do visa applications ourselves. The value of VisaPro and the time they saved us was well worth the cost.

We will be using VisaPro for all our staffing needs when obtaining a visa is required.”

“VisaPro can be proud of the efficient, courteous, and kind way their employees have dealt with us in very trying and frustrating times. We are very grateful for their time, effort, and guidance. Of my personal experience with attorney, there is no comparison with the quality of service provided by VisaPro, it is excellent.”

“Continue the great customer contact, ease of acessibility, and fast, economical, and professional legal service!”

“We appreciated the help from [VisaPro legal team], [they are] professional and always give us prompt response. It is effective and efficient to apply visa via Visapro”


“We would like to recommend Visapro to anyone who desires professionalism, courtesy and peace of mind. It has been a great experience working with them. They guided us through the full process from start to finish, including the guide to documentation, and requirements. This was also aided by the quick responses to our questions from [the VisaPro legal team], whose professional attitude and personal attention made our application for the [L-1] visa a very easy process. We highly recommend them and will always continue to work with them for our future visa needs”

“We are all very happy to receive the Very Good News of my L1 Visa Approval.

The full credit for this goes to you all at VisaPro team. I really appreciate all your hard and timely efforts in this case

God Bless You All.”

“My first E2 Visa was arranged in London 1991. Since then my wife, myself and three children have lived in the USA and every two years I renewed my E2 Visa. I was told in London that I had no other alterative If I wanted to stay in the USA.

Then four years ago I was introduced to an immigration firm in Ft. Lauderdale in Florida. They told me they could arrange a Green Card and took a retainer of $5,200.00 from me that they refuse to return. The Green Card was never arranged and my E2 Visa went out of status.

My affairs were in a complete mess when I found VisaPro who managed to reinstate my E2 Visa and now have renewed it for a further two years.

I would like to state that VisaPro is a very professional organization. I highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to live in the USA.”


“Thanks so much for your support and help and guidance on L-1 Blanket. You must already be known that the VISA interview was a cake walk and there were absolutely no hassles.

Your guidance has been awesome!!!!”

“Knowledgeable, fast, courteous, efficient are all words that describe the services I received from VisaPro. They were very helpful in all phases of the H-1B Visa process and they got it right the first time. The online Visa ordering system kept me posted every step of the way allowing me more time to focus on our company. I have tried other Visa services, but VisaPro is the best by far. VisaPro is the only way to go!”

“I can always trust in Visapro, in that the cost that they charge in relation to their quality of service is unbelievable. The most important thing that their R-1 Visa service provided for me was the attention I got, even when my case lasted much longer than expected (due to the costly mistakes I personally made) and times were tough. Throughout the process I always had peace due to the knowledge, experience and network of Visapro. I recommend Visapro to anyone whether they have much experience with the US immagration.”

“We would like to thank you for preparing all the papers and information we had to send you to apply for my husband’s [O-1] visa. We could not have coped with this situation without your help.”

best wishes,

“We found VISAPRO on-line, a year ago and since than we used them 4 times for our needs. We invite artists from Europe to come over the US and play for periods of time. Every time we came back to VISAPRO to obtain the P-3 Visas for the artists. The service is always prompt and in less than one month VISAPRO sends us the visa already approved. Keep up the good work!”

“A huge thank you to [the VisaPro legal team] for securing my H1B Visa. You dealt with the whole process extremely professionally, were always there to offer advice and made what could have been a very nerve racking experience as stress free and straightforward as possible.

Once again, thank you VisaPro!”

“Trust this finds you and your team at your best. I wanted to write to you to thank you for the very successful and smooth processing of my L-1 Visa. The preparation you had us do ensured that the papers zipped through USCIS and we were pleasantly surprised to receive an approval very quickly. We hope to continue our association with you for the long run.

I thank you and your colleagues for your professionalism, service and care. I’m highly impressed by your expertise and focus and would be most happy to refer your services to other organizations interested in navigating through the immigration process requirements in the US.

Thanks again and wish you the very best.”

Warm regards,

“Panatda Chotison and Myself would like to thank you directly for your help in processing our [L-1] visa and be able to work for Procon in US. We just received the VISA yesterday morning and are now almost ready to leave.

Thanks again for your outstanding services.”

Best regards,

“I want to personally thank you and your team for your great effort in working our [L-1] case even under very strict time constraint.

Your professionalism, patient and attention to detail are outstanding and greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.”

“This is to inform you that we’ve reached USA quite smoothly.

I want to thank you all for the wonderful support you’ve provided me through the entire process. My previous encounters with Visa and Immigration procedures were not the most fortunate ones, but thanks to VisaPro, this time everything was extremely smooth and hiccup-free.

The [L-1 Visa] paperwork was spotless, the responses to my perpetual and persistent questions (both on phone and on email) spontaneous, the support extremely friendly and warm, and the yet the entire procedure was extremely professional.

Thanks for everything. Referring your name to others is the least that I can do for you, and I’m already been doing so.”

“Thanks very much. The [H-1B] services we received from VisaPro have been top-notch and very much appreciated.”

“Visapro did a really good job in processing visa H1B. They explained the process thoroughly and responded to each question and email we had. The case was difficult and it took longer to receive the visa. Panslavia Chemicals appreciates the support and extra work and efforts invested in our case.”


“Simple & Easy,

I have used VisaPro twice to bring employees to my business (O1 Visas). VisaPro’s help was priceless.

They really know how to navigate the system!!!

Thanks to all VisaPro Team!”

“VisaPro provides great simple and quick [H-1B] visa processing services. Their legal team is knowledgeable, helpful and experts on their field. A really helpful professional who has helped us a lot during the process. Definitely we will keep VisaPro in mind for our future visa needs.”

“Thank you VisaPro team for successfully handling our L1 case. Your team’s expertise was invaluable and made the whole L1 process easy.

Special thanks to [the VisaPro legal team] for her insights at interview counseling. Our candidate was shy and nervous about the interview. [VisaPro legal team] guided him and helped him build his confidence – thank you.”

“Thanks Visa-Pro team, for your tremendous efforts put in clearing the L1 visa process for our boss in one go as everybody is aware that these days getting visa is very difficult and you have completed the approval before the stipulated time given to us.

We would definitely recommend your service to any other person in our fraternity looking to come to USA to setup office or transferring employees.”

“Visapro supported my family H1-B/H4 stay flawlessly, with minimum time involvement on my side, throughout 6 years, while never charging extra fees. Despite the difficult and complex nature of conversations around the topic of stay and Visa, the entire Visapro staff provided us an impeccable customer experience with fast responses to our questions and concerns.”

Kind regards,

“I just finished my consultation with [VisaPro Attorney] and I must say that he was excellent and reassuring. He did find a couple of corrections that I needed to make so it was definitely well worth while paying for the service.

I will highly recommend your company should the occasion ever presents itself!

Thank you very much for your help and kindness.”

“I viewed approximately a dozen websites while doing research on visas and found VisaPro to be one of the most clear, well designed and informative sites. I had not originally intended to seek email consultation, but after further review of the VisaPro site and testimonials, I felt confident that utilizing VisaPro would be a great value for money. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and completely my questions were answered and would recommend VisaPro as a very cost-effective and helpful service.”

“I had a phone consultation with Visa Pro today. They answered all my questions, and thought carefully about my situation and offered solutions that are very attractive to me.

I have talked to very expensive lawyers in the past. As a matter of fact, I paid about $285 for a 30 minute call with another attorney earlier, but the results were depressing and I ended up being more uncertain then when I started the call.

With Visa Pro, it was a totally different experience. They not only answered my questions clearly, but offered two clear options. I do not exaggerate when I say, I felt empowered.

Phone consultations with Visa Pro are extremely affordable and very effective.”

“I just wanted to thank VisaPro and specifically VisaPro Attorneys for the wonderful service they provide online and on the phone. It is one thing to read about immigration details, but this whole business being about people, the assurance and connection of speaking to a live person is still and will always be a much richer experience. The attorney has a very reassuring and knowledgeable manner in the way he provides advice on the phone.

It is also SOOOO convenient to be able to register for the site and have access to the message boards and learn about other’s experiences and tips. In my opinion, if you are serious about your visa application, VisaPro is worth your time and money! Thank you VisaPro!”

“I just want to acknowledge you for being so brilliant at communicating. This is definitely one of the best internet services I have ever used…..”

“You’re a saviour! Thanks a million for your help, this means so much to us. Really really appreciate your efforts.”

“The best part about working with VisaPro is the personal attention and care they gave me. I wish them the best of luck for their future endeavors”

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