Marriage To A US Citizen

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

6. Do I have to give up my passport after I get my marriage to U.S. citizen based Green Card?

No, you do not have to give up your passport on becoming a legal permanent resident. Your nationality doesn’t change on getting a Green Card. You may apply to become a U.S. citizen after having a Green Card and being married to a U.S. citizen for three years.

7. Is my U.S. citizen spouse required to attend the interview for my marriage based Green Card?

Yes, both you and your U.S. citizen spouse will be interviewed before you get your Green Card if you applied for Adjustment of Status. In the case of Consular Processing your U.S. citizen spouse is not required to attend the interview.

Note: The purpose of the interview is to determine that the marriage was entered into in good faith and that all USCIS Forms have been correctly completed.

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8. What is the processing time for a Work Permit after I file my marriage to U.S. citizen based Green Card application?

The processing time for a Work Permit varies depending on the work load of the Service Center where your petition has been filed. The process usually takes 60 to 120 days after the petition is filed.

9. Do I get my Green Card after my interview for permanent residence based on marriage to a U.S. citizen?

Yes, as long as all the supporting documents are submitted and the background checks are completed, your passport may be stamped as proof of permanent residency for travel, work, etc. The actual laminated permanent resident card (Green Card) will be issued separately later, however, your permanent resident status starts as of the original approval date.

10. Are marriage to U.S. citizen based Green Cards only temporary?

Yes, marriage to U.S. citizen based Green Cards are temporary in nature. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) grants Conditional Permanent Residency for two years, after which you need to file for Removal of Conditions to get a permanent Green Card. The USCIS does a second check on the marriage after two years because marriage is a relatively easy route to get permanent residency in the U.S.

Note: If you have already been married for two years when you apply for a marriage to U.S. citizen based Green Card the USCIS will grant you a permanent Green Card.