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USCIS’ TPS Registration Reminder to Eligible Hondurans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans
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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today reminded Hondurans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans, who are eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), to file a re-registration application for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) before the end of the re-registration period, (Dec. 1, 2008 for Hondurans and Nicaraguans, and Dec. 30, 2008 for Salvadorans).

The 18-month extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nationals of Honduras and Nicaragua will remain in effect until July 5, 2010, and until Sept. 9, 2010 for nationals of El Salvador. Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and Salvadorans who have received Temporary Protected Status (TPS) previously must re-register for the 18-month extension during the re-registration period. Failure to file a TPS re-registration application during the re-registration period without good cause will result in withdrawal of TPS benefits, including employment authorization and protection from removal from the U.S.

Additional Filing Tips for Temporary Protected Status (TPS):
  • To apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) re-registration you must submit both Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status, and Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (EAD). Both forms are available online.

  • You must file Form I-765 regardless of whether you wish to request an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). If you are not requesting an EAD, you do not need to submit a fee for Form I-765. Also, leave the boxes under the question, “I am applying for…” blank.

  • Submit the appropriate versions of the forms (use Form I-821 dated Oct. 17, 2007 or later and Form I-765 dated May 27, 2008 or later). USCIS will reject applications submitted using earlier editions of the forms.

  • Completely fill out the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) registration forms and mark all appropriate boxes. In Part 1, of Form I-821, re-registrants should mark the box for re-registration or renewal of temporary benefits.

  • Submit the appropriate fee(s) with the applications. Make the check or money order payable to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). To request a fee waiver, you must submit a properly documented request demonstrating your inability to pay.

  • If your address changes after you file your application for re-registration, you must complete and submit a change of address form (AR-11) by mail or electronically.
To facilitate processing your address change on your Temporary Protected Status (TPS) application, you may call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833) to request USCIS update your address on your application. However, you must still file a completed Form AR-11 with USCIS.

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